Scheherazade Kraß


OFFICE Tab 1.26
EMAIL krass(at)
PHONE +49 (421) 218-59245
FAX +49 (421) 218-64239
POSTAL ADDRESS Scheherazade Kraß
Medical Image Computing Group, FB3
University of Bremen
Am Fallturm 1
28359 Bremen, Germany


  • CAS (Computer Aided Surgery)
    • Direct and inverse kinematics for robotic-based interventions
    • Surgical navigation-systems
    • Human factors in computer navigated surgery (tactile, visual and auditive inputs to the surgeon)
    • Robotic Minimally  Invasive Surgery (RMIS)
  • Process Automation (controlling)  and Machine Learning
    • Optimization of a system using adaptive controller in order to maximize the precision of human factors
    • Artificial Intelligence based (robot) control, e. g. artificial neural networks , fuzzy logic.
    • Deep Learning
  • Applications
    • Interventional Robotics in diagnostics and  therapy
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