MIC_LogoThe Medical Image Computing Group at the University of Bremen is a research group in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (FB3).

The fast development of structural, functional, and metabolical imaging continually raises new issues and research topics for medical image computing. To use large volumes of data meaningfully, for instance to plan an operation or compare populations in analytic neuroscience, medical image computing provides the foundation for basic research in neuroscience, but also patient care. In this field, applied computer science and mathematical methods help extract quantitative measurements and medical knowledge from image data. The core areas for this extraction include segmentation, visualization, image registration, and biomechanical modeling.

Activities of the MIC Group

The group is involved in research and education. Our MIC research concentrates on traditional MIC topics such as segmentation, registration and modeling, “user in the loop” algorithms,  and on interventional technologies. The research is highly interdisciplinary by its nature: scientists, engineers, and end users work closely together. Interactive segmentation and its use in biomedicine is one of focus areas as are intrao-perative technologies (see IOI website). Our teaching portfolio features a block course in “Anatomy for engineers,” offered twice a year. Additional topics are being added.