New Ringvorlesung “Healthcare IT”

This is a unique opportunity for technical students to learn about the use of IT systems in healthcare infrastructure.

  • Lectures will include many invited speakers from hospitals and the healthcare industry!
  • We will give an overview over IT systems, databases, interfaces, and standards in use in the medical field.
  • At the same time, you’ll learn a lot about different disciplines, workflows, stakeholders, and their requirements towards IT infrastructure.

The digital revolution has a great impact on medicine as well. How are things changing? What has happened already? What’s missing, and how can we improve medicine through software?


  • Time: Monday 14-18
    • 14-16 Vorlesung
    • 16-18 Seminar / praktische Übungen
  • Location: AG Medical Image Computing / Fraunhofer MEVIS
    • Building: TAB (Technische Akademie Bremen), Am Fallturm 1
    • Room: Mandelbrot


The lecture imparts technical knowledge in the field of clinical IT systems as well as basic knowledge about medical-technical processes and the resulting requirements. The essential system groups of hospital IT are discussed with reference to the current state of the art and the current limitations. Important areas of medicine will be examined in detail with regard to their specific IT requirements. The lecture enables the participants to orient themselves safely in the field of clinical IT systems and to formulate their own medical informatics and methodical-technical research questions in this field.

  • Overview over hospital IT infrastructure and databases
  • Image archiving and viewing (PACS)
  • Hospital information systems (KIS/HIS)
  • Standard for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM)
  • HL-7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)
  • Radiology Information Systems (RIS)
  • Clinical workflows
    • radiology
    • oncology / radiotherapy
    • histopathology / immunohistochemistry
    • cardiology
    • surgery